Increase your water intake

Drinking adequate water is therapeutic

Agreeably water is tasteless according to one of it’s characteristics. But, do you know that drinking at least 1.5L of this “tasteless water” every morning can keep you out of the hospital bed for a whole year. You just have to try it and see for yourself.



Do you also know that in addition to early morning drinking of water, drinking water in between meals even when you’re not thirsty; bringing your total intake to 4L in a 24 hour period can ensure you don’t get admitted for a span of 2 years.


You have to cultivate this habit especially if you consume alcohol or are addicted to sugar laden drinks. It can even help you cut back on the bad habits. Yes ! But you still got to decide to ditch these unhealthy habits.


It’s very funny how people will yield to swallowing about 12 tablets 3 times in a day in addition to multiple jabs of painful injections while on admission for treatment of a drug resistant malaria. Or some other disease that “Okafor” the chemist man couldn't treat. But refuse to drink adequate amount of water daily.


They wait until their mouths get dried first. Their tongues parched. They must be dying of thirst and their urine must be yellowish green before they know they need water. A typical example of this plays out when a diabetic patient is brought to the hospital.


In case you don’t know, diabetes is one hell of a disease. Please for the love of all things good; don’t wish diabetes on anybody, not even your enemy. It’s not funny especially when the disease has gotten a whole foot rotten and the gangrene is spreading up the leg to the knee.


Of course the only thing the doctor can do to “help” you is to bring out his “good old saw blade” and suggest a chop off of the limb. May sound brazen, but its the truth and only plausible option to prevent septicemia and death. When you look at the faces of the diabetic patient and his/her relatives as they receive the sad news of amputating the leg. It’s not funny.


The religious ones will jump into speaking in tongues and begin to bind and cast out all the “bind-able’s”. Others will just reject the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment altogether till the patient will almost give up the ghost from sepsis in the hospital.


At this stage, for those who are still conscious enough to eat. If you tell them to eat only unripe plantain. That it will help them. They will ask you if they can eat the back of the plantain as well. If you tell them to drink 4 liters of water in a day. You will have to monitor them because they’ll go ahead to drink 10 liters. That's how conforming folks can get when the precious leg is about to be cut off.


Anything to save the precious leg please! If you give them the option of eating the boiled unripe plantain with vegetable fried “without oil”. They’ll decline. They’ll rather eat only the plantain and drink 10 liters of water everyday. They mistakenly feel that obliging to medical advice at this critical period will reverse the condition. No sir ! No ma'am ! It won't change jack !


Those compliance should have been made a long time ago It’s possible that such persons have read articles and heard health talks hammering on the need to drink adequate water daily, exercise and eat healthily, because such practices can help even someone genetically predisposed to diabetes escape it.


But they didn’t listen then. They probably laughed over it and thought the broadcaster or author was a joker. Some concluded its a money making gimmick. These are the same ones who when told to drink 1.5L of water on waking up in the morning before breakfast. Will conjure a thousand reasons it’s not going to happen. They’ll say “water is tasteless”.


They want water to be sweet like coca cola. It’s the reason they so comfortable drinking all sorts of carbonated drinks and beer all day long. Then when “shit hits the fan” and they find themselves on admission for some chronic condition, they’ll want the cumulative effects of decades of unhealthy living to be reversed in 48 hours ! By the health team. Not happening sir !


Brothers and sisters, you have to cultivate the habit of drinking water regularly even if its tasteless. By so doing, your body in a short while is going to recognize the benefits. And so would you! Which would lead to a love for the habit due to its benefit. This new habit will invariably lead to more health benefits.


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