Nigeria has a mammoth population of over 180 million people and over 80% of her citizens live in abject poverty.


Zero access to good health care on many levels especially at the grassroots amidst poor health infrastructure.


As a civil society organization, we provide free services to people to promote healthcare service availability.

Since we began, thousands of handbills have been distributed.


At the heart of sound health is good health knowledge.  



We create public health awareness by distributing handbills

Exposing the dangers in patronizing quacks

Quackery is the biggest and most underrated problem plaguing the health of Nigerians.  


People dont have any idea what leaving their lives in the hands of someone who is not qualified to treat them means.


It has numerous rebound consequences but these are noticed too late, most times when the patient has only months or a few hours to live.


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We harness numerous communication and online interactive platforms to get our message to people and also to interact with them



You promote good health when you share our posts and updates on social media or any other channels available.


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Answer wellness and Healthcare related questions 

A lot of people deliberately avoid the four(4) walls of a hospital or accredited health facility.


They either dread the exorbitant medical bills - which is likely - or they have some other covert reason or phobia's best known to them.


Whatever the excuse, we have created a platform for them to be able to ask questions that border on HEALTH and HEALTHCARE and also get satisfactory answers.


This is to secure the health of the people we serve at all cost.


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A lot of poor people who know very little to nothing about their health are many times very knowledgeable in the wrong things. They don't understand, neither do they speak simple english language. 


We endeavour to reach them as well.


One way is by translating health publications, audio teachings and hand bills into their local dialects.