Prevention is the new cure... You save always

Nursing hands charity organization loves to see every day people make beautiful health choices every single day of their lives.


We have only one body and only one life. We have to take good care of it because it's our responsibility.


We are a evergrowing team of talented, dutiful and volunteer nurses who render free health services to people in different communities across the nation.



Health Educators

Over 80% of deadly chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes have been confirmed to be preventable.


A preventable approach to health care is a much viable alternative to a therapeutic approach.


Treating a full blown ailment is in many instances too late. 



An ounce of prevention they say is worth a pound of cure

Nigeria still an underdeveloped country with a low per capita income, leaves nothing for health spending after basic necessities - such as food - have been taken care of.


For  this reason, in a bid to circumvent the RIDICULOUSLY OUTRAGEOUS COST OF EXPERT MEDICAL CARE, over eighty (85%) percent of the population subscribe to injurious quack services which definitely have rebound consequences.



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Carrots And Carrot Juice

Nothing Rejuvenates And Heals like a Glass of Carrot Juice

Water! Water! Water!

Our bodies Largest Constituent

You need Oranges Everyday

So Important Yet Our Bodies Doesn't Produce It

Our Mission

At the heart of what we do is making everyday people medically literate. In different localities and online, we organize :


Free health education and counselling


Free health consultation


Free treatment 


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